Monday, March 15, 2010

Just be urself!!

I hate someone that pretend to be rich, just like he/she got a lot of money but in the dark sight they are "poor". "Poor" enough to be a better person in their life. They "poor" in term of quality of oneself, poor to be themselves, poor to accept the truth that they are not really rich. This situation often occurs in women.

This fellows are always use the branded stuff, go for shopping even though know that inside the purse doesn't have enough money to buy things especially clothes, make-up and etc. At the end, they will not enjoying other things that are more fun than shopping.

Don't ever looked down to others who are wearing simple cloth, "selipar jepun", just Rm19.90 pants... You might don't know that person is a wealthy people. As a woman, just buy things that we really need and not to buy the things that we have already got a lot.
Just be yourself, buy anything that you are able to buy and don't ever be "rambang mata" or greedy.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jambatan Taman Awam Miri, Sarawak

jambatan goyang-goyang..
jambatan goyang-goyang...
ku takut tenggelam, ku takut tenggelam
lalu aku berenang, lalu aku berenang
habis basah baju ku
habis basah baju ku
lalu aku sidainya, lalu aku sidainya..
ku pakai semula, ku pakai semula..

That's so Chelsea


Let me introduce myself first before we gone through to my next blog.... hihi! I am just a normal girl who always love to joke, laughing and the most important thing is I LOVE MARCO POLO muchomucho..... :-)

cute isn't it?? Hehe... just like a superMario... But this is superMarco Polo....
I hate living in the "world" that is messy....! Hate Messy!!! Can't stand it....
I am the one who is the blue lover.... Chelsea Blue remember the football club...? Hihi.. Well, my name is Chelsea but i don't like football.. hate that when there is football match live on the tv and every men in my house will conquer the tv...

Ok then... see u soon next time... :-*